We are a team of some of the most talented and creative collaborators in the industry. Our depth of services and skill have brought us together and we love what we do.

Meet the Team


Adam Blakesley

Multimedia Director

Adam has been creating videos, graphics and design solutions for a diverse range of creative projects since 2002. He is a skilled effects producer and has a talent for making every project stand out through visual storytelling and on-location filming.

Cody Graham

Executive Director

Cody is a film producer with a focus on in-studio and on-location video services, which have taken him all over the world. He is a passionate storyteller and excels at project management and remote HD video shoots in extreme locations.

Graem Millala

Creative Director

With over 15 years of experience in the creative industry, Graem’s design work is reflected in numerous regional, national and international campaigns. His ability to see broad scope while staying focused on creative development help him bring projects to life.


Mike Wavrecan

Partner, M1 Films

Jessica Rivers

Production Manager, Senior Producer

Katey Leedham

Designer, Front-End Developer

John Roney

Lead Editor

Nathan Stevens


Doug Harrington

Designer, Camera